what drives us...

Whether you’re a small startup with a big vision or an established business looking for a new audience, we truly believe that your brand is an amazing story just waiting to be told. By translating your ideas and vision through powerful imagery and design, we aim to uncover the essence of that story, and craft authentic visual identities that compel, engage, and connect. 

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the team

Foster Creative Co was founded by Sylvie Veit in 2016 (three months before her other, real-life, baby was born). What began as a fun side project to fill all those extra hours she thought she was going to have on maternity leave (what was she thinking?!) quickly took on a life on its own and evolved into a thriving business. Today we work with a core team of two, and collaborate closely with a team of dedicated creatives to deliver design, branding and content results to businesses big and small.


Sylvie Veit
Owner + Lead Creative

Sylvie is the owner and lead creative behind Foster Creative Co. With over 10 years of design and branding experience with leading design agencies, one thing never changed: she loves nothing more than watching the transformative effect design can have in bringing a simple idea to life.

Having been in the shoes of a small business owner herself, Sylvie thrives at the ability to work at a grassroots level with small businesses, as well as working with established businesses who are wanting to push creative boundaries. Her soft spot? Working with brands that give back and do good in the world. 

Likes. Super strong coffee first thing in the morning, sunny days with beach swims, and ticking off actual paper to-do lists.

Dislikes. Tomatoes, messy desks and cold feet.


Gabriel Veit
Photography + Video

As a full time freelance photographer and lead content creator for Foster Creative Co, it's lucky that Gabe’s had creativity running through his veins from a young age. From shooting and processing with black and white film (ha!) in his teen years, to going on to work with some of Brisbane’s most illustrious and well-known firms, Gabe has the midas touch of capturing raw, authentic moments every time. 

With over 10 years of photographic and cinematographic experience, Gabe decided to become a corporate square peg by jumping to pursue his own career in freelance photography. And of course, he hasn’t looked back since. 

Likes. A good podcast, bike commutes, and editing photos to obnoxiously repetitive techno music.

Dislikes. Filling in forms and writing bios.


our values

we’re driven by purpose

Our primary purpose is to make positive change, no matter how small. We design for the greater good of the planet, not our bank balance.

we‘re here to help

We build genuine connections with like-minded, purpose-driven business owners, and love nothing more than helping them thrive.

We create thoughtfully

We research and strategise to create innovative solutions and meaningful work, that does more than just follow the trends.

and We have fun

We're all about positive relationships and good vibes... we get to do what we love, every day, what could be better than that?


work with us...


If you're ready to take your branding to the next level, we're here to help.

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