Inside Brand Design: Connecting with Purpose


Welcome to the opening chapter in our new series, Inside Brand Design, dedicated to sharing some of the knowledge I’ve gathered in my 10-plus years as a brand designer. Every two to three weeks, I’ll be diving a little deeper into the brilliant world of brand, design and visual identity for the reading pleasure of anybody who has a few spare minutes on a Wednesday. Read on to hear some of my motivations for starting this little series, and to find out what will be up first.

Connecting with Purpose

I’ve been thinking a lot about connection lately. If you’ve been following along on our Foster Creative Co Instagram account you might have noticed I’ve even nominated this as my word of the year. And I want to do more than make a cursory mention of the word. In addition to getting out and about in the face-to-face world, I’m focusing on connecting with purpose - investing in those around me, including my online people. That means you and anybody else reading these words.

Exchange is Change 

You often hear agencies talk about being disruptive. It’s become so popular, you could almost invent a drinking game around it. But not every brand is meant to be or should want to be a disruptor. Don’t get me wrong, design studios and branding agencies should empower their clients to inspire change – change is good. But disruption and change are two different animals. Instead of altering people’s lives with disruption, I aim to add to them – to contribute something of genuine value, exchange knowledge, inspire change, and most of all, to connect meaningfully. And that’s exactly what sparked the idea for this series.

So What’s Next?

Next up, I’ll be beginning with a brief guide to fonts. I’ll be talking history, font psychology and the future of fonts. If you stick around, you’ll know what I know, ensuring our connection is valuable from the first word to the last.

Until next week!


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