when to brand your new business


Why starting with a solid brand is so important.

These days it's so cheap to start a business... just jump online and snap up a domain, buy a cheap logo and whip up a quickie template website... you could do it all for less than the cost of dinner and a glass of rosé.

So if it’s so easy to do it yourself then why do so many startups invest in branding from the word “go”? Surely it’s too much of a luxury when you're just getting started and cash-flow is basically non-existent?

The answer: there are a few very important things you might be missing out on if you don't prioritise branding as part of your start-up journey. A brand is a powerful thing and if you get it right from the get go you will gain clarity, build confidence, and establish brand recognition amongst competitors in a crowded marketplace.

Let’s dive a little deeper…

01. you'll have purpose 

Branding goes beyond the pretty typography and drool-worthy mood boards (although thats part of it too!). It’s also about fusing a business’s vision, verbal strategy and visuals to create an authentic direction that communicates and connects with customers. A strong brand strategy will establish your vision, mission, target market, and your "why", which will become guiding force in every decision you make for your business - ensuring you always stay authentic, consistent, and aligned with your bigger picture.

02. you'll gain trust

A strong and consistently used brand signals to your audience that you mean business. As a start-up, investing in your branding shows your audience that you are in this for the long term, and that you have enough faith in your brand's success to invest in it. You might not be a large or established company, but strong branding goes a long way to communicating that you are a trustworthy and reliable business. 

03. you'll communicate better

That consistent branding we just talked about? It also helps you humanise your brand by creating a unique personality for your brand’s messaging. This in turn builds a greater rapport with your audience as your content becomes more and more recognisable. And rather than having to introduce yourself every time you publish online, you can skip straight to telling your story, adding value, and really engaging with your audience on a more intimate level.

04. you'll stand out

Once you have a solid strategy in place, a brand agency will translate this into a brand that communicates these aspects to your audience. And when you have a consistent and recognisable brand that truly reflects the values, visions and goals of your business, you’ll quickly start to see that you stand out in market by simply being uniquely you - a brand that doesn’t need to follow trends or mimic competitors to drive engagement and build connection.

05. you could actually save money

While a brand strategy so early in the life of your business may seem like a luxury you can’t afford - when we consider all the above elements, the real question then becomes: can you really afford not to? From not knowing what to say, to not knowing what images to use, without guidelines in place, you may end up creating endless iterations or worse having a brand that is all over the place. A solid brand strategy in place from day one gives you a point of reference to ensure you do everything once, and do it well.

So there you have it. By gaining absolute clarity on every aspect of your business before you launch yourself into a competitive and crowded market, you can be sure that your brand’s message is always clear, consistent, and aligns with your values and goals as a company. Having absolute confidence in your brand will only work to foster relationships, rapport, and engagement with your audience.

If you’re getting ready to launch your dream business and want to ensure you have a killer brand strategy in place then drop into our inbox any time -  we’d be honoured to help!

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